This app prototype mainly emphasizes on utilizing iOS 10’s new SiriKit technology combining with location-based services (LBS) technology.

The key idea of this app is to illustrate the trend to which the future iOS app ecosystem is going: adding artificial intelligence powered features into users’ lives by blending app functionalities into Siri’s vocabulary, so that users are able to interact with apps through talking to Siri and without open the interface.

WeChat H5

With the rapid integration and development of the Wechat mobile application, more and more business owners are in favor of hosting events, campaigns, polls, and others on Wechat, in the form of Wechat-based, sharable one pagers. However, there is a lack of the service providers who supply various types of one-pager events in an efficient way, and the current situation is that consumers seek for individuals/organizations to develop such functionalities on an one time basis.

Therefore, we see an opportunity of making such a platform/console where registered users create events, campaigns, or polls with ease, and with much less cost.


The console will contain information about Creative Lab Chengdu division in two dimensions: projects and staffs. It allows administrators to edit information of projects and staffs, upload source codes, and update staff assignment information.

It will also provide the ability to yield data results such as project summaries, staff assignment summaries, and more, depending on what will be needed in the future.